MedTech stocks – will the golden era continue into 2022?

An increasing number of people have turned their attention towards the medical-oriented sectors, especially as the pandemic demanded new cures and therapeutics. However, there are numerous other avenues since these medical companies also work on other devices or medicines, not related to COVID-19.

DexCom, Abiomed and Teladoc Health are some of the top “Medtech” stocks with tens of billions USD in market capitalization, working on solutions for patients suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, as well as on various applications used by biotech and drug-producing companies.

investing in MedTech companies

Innovations can still occur

People who are focused mainly on large-cap tech stocks are increasingly concerned that these assets have a limited upside. However, there are other sectors where innovations can drive new capital in and MedTech is a great example.

Medical innovations can help people’s lives and by designing efficient cures, and companies can grow over time while also solving critical global issues today.

Capital flows into assets as cash losses purchasing power

Innovative companies, including those belonging to the Medtech sector, can continue to grow, especially now that investors and retail traders no longer want to hold cash and instead are getting involved in assets that can appreciate in value over time.

medical companies grow in popularity

Inflation is elevated all around the world and, combined with record-low interest rates, anyone holding cash for an extended period rather than investing it is at high risk of losing purchasing power. This is one of the main reasons why even those with no prior background in finance are now taking a look at financial markets, and they are incentivized by brokerages and trading brands offering competitive conditions.

People have a lot of ways to trade online

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